If you are of those type who looks for opportunities to go beyond and help others doing the same, the third edition of the 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge is a perfect fit. This year it will be held in the period from 1st to 11th November 2014.

What is it?:

  • A unique ‘challenge’ format in which you pass 1050km in 11 days – 4 days biking near 160km a day and 7 days running 60km a day, an ultimate test of strength, endurance and will power.
  • A powerful fund raising engine, collecting near EUR 42k in 2013 and EUR 24k in 2012 for close to 20 social and environmental projects in Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Tens of thousands of kilometres passed by hundreds of people promoting in an unconventional way a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is an amazing individual and collective life experience of meeting people of different walks of life and nationalities in the face of hardship and achievement.
  • It promotes ecological thinking and behaviour planting unique trees on the road.
  • Last but not least this is an event providing for a sense of authentic personal freedom and motivation.

 Format details 

  • Time: 11 days. The start is on 1st November (Sat) at 7.00 am in Bucharesti and the finish is in Bucharest on 11th November 2013 (Tue) at around 5.30 pm same place. The time to be spent in Romania is 3 days and in Bulgaria 8 days.  On 4th November the group will arrive in Sofia city center at Sveta Nedelya Sq. no.7 in front of the head office of UniCredit Bulbank at around 5.30 pm.
  • Route: An extremely beautiful course combining flat road along the Danube river and mountain slopes crossing the Balkan mountain. The total nominal distance is 1050km, including 440km in Romania and 610km in Bulgaria, with 3350m positive altitude difference. The routes from Bucharest to Sofia and from Sofia to Bucharest are different and coincide with the biking and running courses as follows:
    • 1st part – 4 days biking of 640km nominally in total (160km a day), starting in Bucharest via Giurgiu and further on Romanian territory crossing Danube River at the newly opened Calafat-Vidin bridge on the 3rd day, reaching Sofia at the end of Day 4. For more information about each day course please refer to the web site.
    • 2nd part – 7 days running of 410km nominally in total (59km a day) crossing the Danube river at Ruse – Giurgiu bridge on the 10th day and reaching Bucharest at the end of the Day 11. For more information about each day course please refer to the web site.

You can join as a biker, runner or ultra-team. All the details are on the 1000km balkan page.