We’re proud to announce one more event that our club co-organizes and supports. It’s called 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge – the duathlon beyond and it is a duathlon from Bucharest, Romania to Sofia, Bulgaria and back!

To learn more, join the Facebook page, and soon the challenge’s site will premiere officially.

The challenge is organized by Stan and Tanya, Begach’s co-founders and they’ll do a trip from Bucharest to Sofia and back:

  • From Bucharest to Sofia the crew will travel 3 days with bikes;
  • From Sofia to Bucharest they’ll run 7 days according to this plan passing about 60km per day;

Our aim is to promote outdoor activities, dynamic lifestyle, self-motivation and the fact that nobody so far has done a connection like that between the two countries.

The challenge is entirely dedicated to charity and soon we’ll announce our donation causes and will open our bank accounts for donation. If you want to join the challenge or just a part of the route, (see the running stages), contact us at info@begach.com.

We’re open to corporate sponsors and charity matching programs too.