On 11th of Jan 2014 Begach running club members have gathered for the annual meeting as a charity NGO.

0. Present

  • Members: 30
  • Present: 13
  • Written authorisations for voting: 3
  • Quorum: 15

1. Report for activities in 2013

  • Voted/accepted with majorty

2. Voted dates for events in 2014.:

  • Spring event for members and friends – 16.3
  • Pancharevo half marathon – 11.5
  • Corporate relay – 8.6
  • Marathon Pleven – 28.9 (to be confirmed)
  • Sofia Morning Run – 26.10
  • 1000km balkan charity challenge (organised with Ro Club Marathon) – 1-10 November 2014.

3. Club members and monthly events

  • it has been decided to create a closed group for the members of the club
  • in the group to discuss monthly events for the members – the work should be managed by 2 members outside of the board, or any member-volunteer
  • to make contracts for members of the club to act as event managers and invest time in event management

4. Services

  • To recommend specialists (doctors, trainers) for running and nagotiate discounts for their recommendation in the site’s general public.

5. Membership fee

  • Kept to 50 BGN

6. Charity work causes suppotted this year

  • Sports for childen with disabilities or health problems
  • Infrastructure for runners

7. Others

  • Searching for partners for the club in specialized services: law, creative, programmers, financial, etc.
  • 2 honorable members are accepted (both with great contributions to charity): Ivan Darpatov and Ivan Vargoulev. Honorable membership is for 1 year.
  • The club will work for partnership with Sofia Municipality and Sofia Marathon.