We, from Begach Running Club, continue to work on development of modern marathon culture in Bulgaria and now we are presenting to you, which is not new at the big foreign marathons, but will be realized for a first time in Bulgaria:

Running for charity

We will run the Sofia marathon on October 21st for the cause, that we already gathered donations for at the half-marathon at the lake – sport therapy (swimming and horse riding) for kids with Cerebral palsy. For every 10 BGN of donations we will run 1 km from the marathon track, so we need to gather at least 420 BGN for a full marathon, which is average of 20 group and 20 individual sessions fot the kids.

FYI – I ran a marathon a week ago and Stan did it this weekend, so the participation in Sofia marathon is a pretty heavy for us. However we are doing it, because we believe in our cause and we believe in the concept of charity running.

In the day of the marathon you will recognize us by the specially prepared shirts we will be wearing and you can support us personally on marathon track.

Give your donation and support us so that we can run a full marathon on 21.10.

You can donate through PayPal, ePay or through the site of the cause at BCAF.

We will gladly accept corporate donations. In this case you can contact us at info at begach.com.

Description Amount
Donation for the cause of Begach BGN
The payment is done through ePay.bg – Internet payment system for card and microaccounts payments


You can donnate through PayPal here:

All donors will be announced on our site and will receive a report from Begach Running Club and BCAF regarding the activities done with their donations.