Hello аnd welcome to the first half-marathon at the lake!

We’re pleased to announce that over 150 people have registered so far! We are sending some short instructions in order to make sure that everyone has a great race!


Race start is THIS SUNDAY at 9 am. Please make sure to arrive before 8:15 am.

IMPORTANT: The start is at the lake wall, and not at the “Plaja” spot as had been the initial plan. The wall is the first thing you see from the lake when you arrive from Sofia.

Note that 6th of May is a national holiday for Bulgaria and there might be congestion in the center, since streets around the parliament might be closed because of an army parade.

Getting there 

By bus, you need to get to the bus stop “Okrujna bolnitsa” (on Tsarigradsko Shosse boulevard) going in the direction out of town. There you need to catch bus #1. You need to get off the first stop in Pancharevo which is called “Baniata Pancharevo” and is right after the sign “Pancharevo” (at the end of the first parking lot). According to the bus schedule, there are buses at 7:01, 7:36 and 8:10.

From the bus stop (or parking lot) you’ll see two roads going down towards the lake. You need to take the LEFT road, after 50m or so you will be at the Start area, there will be music to show your way.

If you are coming by subway (metro), you need to get off the last stop “Tsarigradsko shose” (Since they have not updated the metro signs yet, it is considered the last stop in the “Mladost” direction).  From there you need to walk around 20 m in the direction of the center (against traffic) where there is a bus stop for buses 1 and 3.

You are driving, you need to take the Samokovsko Shose and you can park in the big parking lot on the right immediately after the sign Pancharevo. You can get there by car also via German (pronounced “Gher-mun”) village and park on the other side of the wall.

Exemption from Liability

Please see the attached release form. We’ll have them the start, but if you print yours out and fill it in, you’ll speed things up. The PDF file is 4 pages long, please print out the page that is relevant to you, most likely it is page 1.

RegistrationIn order to save time on Sunday, you may also register on Saturday May 5, at the Nike store in the Stamboliiski Mall (on the second floor). The registration there will be open between 15:00 and 20:00.

After checking the list, making sure you have paid the entrance fee and receiving your filled declaration, you’ll get your race number. Please use the provided safety pins to attach them to your t-shirt.
It is obligatory to wear your race number in order for you to be able to use the refreshment stands, to have your time measured and to receive a medal at the finishing line.


Along with the number, you’ll get a luggage bag with the same number. Please do not bring valuables. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS OR CLOTHES.

The race route

10 km and 21.1 km racers, note that one lap is 10 550 m. You start at the lake wall, you turn right along the lake following the only lane. At the tribunes the lane becomes an asphalt road that goes up to the Samokovsko shose (Samokov road). 5 m from Samokovsko shose you turn onto the path that goes through the park parallel to the road. The turning back point is at the end of the path, in about 1 km. The asphalt/dirt road ratio is about 50/50.

The road will be marked accordingly, and you will receive instructions about the markings at the start. Please be aware that the asphalt road will not be closed and there may be passing cars, even if they are few.

There are some tied and free pet dogs on the road (mainly at the tribunes) who bark but who are not aggressive.

5 km – the road is the same as the one described above but you only reach a few hundred meters after the tribunes from where you turn back. The turning back point will be marked accordingly and there will be a person standing there. The asphalt/dirt road ratio is about 10/90.

Refreshment points

There will be two refreshment stands– at the start/finish line and on the turning back point of the big lap. There will be water and fruit at those stands. Our sponsors Harmonica are also providing ayran and boza for the finished participants. About 3 km from the start there is also a drinking fountain.

There will be chemical WCs near the start.

Please keep clean by throwing trash only in the trash bins along the road.


There will be a big clock at the start/finish line measuring time. The time measuring will be according to a non-professional method and there might be some deviations.The results will be published on the site begach.com


The first male and female runner who finish the half-marathon distance will receive a prize from our sponsors HTC.
Every participant who has registered will receive a personal card for NIKE discounts from our sponsors NIKE.
Everyone who finishes the race will receive a medal for participation.


In the case that you want to quit the race please let one of the volunteers know or tell the organizers at the start/finish line to sign you off the race.

In the case that you feel unwell please let the organizers or volunteers know, or tell a fellow runner or call 112.

The cause

Half of the registration fee will be donated for physical therapy for children with cerebral paralysis. Our partners from the Foundation “Help for charity in Bulgaria” will be at the starting line and will also accept donations. Check more and donae online here.

Your racing number

Scroll down to find your start number, memorize it and mention it at the start to speed up registration. They’re sorted by distance and then alphabetical order. Cyrillic is after latin.


Let us remind you kindly that this is an amateur event. We’re doing this out of enthusiasm and we don’t have professional organizational experience, and we are not looking for profit. The irony is that the Begach crew decided not to run in order to organize this event better!

Good luck and have a great race!

301 Acen Grigorov
302 Alexandra Valasopulo
303 Barbara Henkes
304 Bogdana Zlateva
305 Bosilena Melteva
306 Carlos Arner
307 Damyan Kalaglarski
308 Dimitar Dimitrov
309 Elitsa Kumanova
310 Hristo Dobrev
311 Ines Grozeva
312 Irene Biasioli
313 Laura Tolosi
314 Lora Handjieva
315 Lora Vardarova
316 Maria Toycheva
317 Martin Martinov
318 Milen Madzharov
319 Milko Marinov
320 Miroslav Donchev
321 Nikolay Nikolov
322 Nikolay Sugarev
323 Nils Grozev
324 Oleg Genov
325 Raya Raykova
326 Sibel Redzheb
327 Stanislav Popov
328 Stefan Yordanov
329 Stefano Pierini
330 Teodora Viglova
331 Tihomir Ignatov
332 Tsvetana Yacheva
333 Valentin Mihov
334 Veselina Radeva
335 Vladimir Bliznashki
336 Yana Petrova
337 Yonko Grozev
338 Адриана Петрова
339 Александра Петрова
340 Бисера Каменова
341 Венцислав Николов
342 Веселина Мартинова
343 Габриела Илиева
344 Диян Георгиев
345 Елеонора Михайлова
346 Иван Гинчев
347 Иво Маринов
348 Мария Попова
349 Методи Методиев
350 Милена Малакова
351 Милена Михайлова
352 Росяна Сотирова
353 Свилен Укалски
354 Славен Бонжолов
355 Славена Петрелийска
356 Спас Спасов
357 Станимир Костадинов
358 Теодора Гоева
359 Филип Афонкин
360 Цветина Георгиева
361 Явор Георгиев

201 Alek Andreev
202 Alexander Nikolov
203 Boian Banovski
204 Christina Rudy
205 Desi Alexandrova
206 Dimitar Staykov
207 Georgi Dimitrov
208 Georgi Mihov
209 Georgi Tsonev
210 Gergana Mihailova
211 Hristina Kozareva
212 ivan elenkov
213 Kalin Blajev
214 Konstantin Zhelev
215 Lilyana Pchelarova
216 Martin Iozev
217 Nate Widelitz
218 Nikolay Minkov
219 Nina Dimova
220 Nina Prodanova-Iozeva
222 Petr Minkov
223 Sanna Ringborg
224 Sari Petkov
225 Stamen Georgiev
226 Stiliana Zenguilekova
227 Suzanne Evra
228 Teodora Tsulina
229 Tsvetelina Gigova
230 Vanya Slavcheva
231 Velislava Petrova
232 Vencislav Stanchev
233 Ventsislav Trifonov
234 Vesela Dimitrova
235 Антония Близнакова
236 Здравко Здравков
237 Илиян Лазаров
238 Стефан Янкулов
239 Христо Близнаков

21.1 (half-marathon)

101 Alexander Naidenov
102 Alexandur Popov
103 Alison Rudy
104 Atanas Kosev
105 Atanas Yontchev
106 Borislav Burlak
107 Boyan Rashev
108 Carri Campbell
109 Daniel Georgiev
110 Daniel Panev
111 Daniel Rueth
112 Deia Georgieva
113 Delian Delchev
114 Diliana Markova
115 Dimitar Dimitrov
116 Dimitar Dimitrov
117 Dimitar Dimitrov
118 Dimiter Shalvardjiev
119 Georgi Ignatov
120 Georgi Madzharov
121 Gregor Schatz
122 Helder Palhas
123 Iordan Nokov
124 Ivan Darpatov
125 Ivelin Yonkov
126 Konstantin Halachev
127 Konstantin Stoyanov
128 Kristina Shopova
129 Lora Yordanova
130 Luben Kenanov
131 Michal Jablonka
132 Miglena Dragotinova
133 Mila Andonova
134 Milena Kotupova
135 Momchil Naidenov
136 Monia Calviello
137 Nikolay Kabadzhov
138 Nikolay Mitev
139 Nikolay Neychev
140 Petya Angelova
141 Philip Philipov
142 Radiana Shopova
143 Rosalyn Rudy
144 Rosen Dosev
145 Snejina.Stefanova
146 Stefani Stoyanova
147 Svetlozar Aleksiev
148 Valentin Oreshkov
149 Yordan Angelov
150 Венелина Емилова
151 Веселин Дочков
152 Георги Георгиев
153 Йордан Христов
154 Лора Филева
155 Любомир Ноков
156 Любомир Стоилов
157 Мая Кателиева
158 Милен Балабанов
159 Момчил Блъсков
160 Росен Босев
161 Светлин Иванов
162 Христо Кабадаев

Here is a larger map: Half-marathon Pancharevo – May, 6th 2012