On our General meeting for 2014 Begach members voted 2 directions for the development of our causes for 2014.

  • Sports for children that require special care or medication
  • Infrastructure for runners (marking routes)

Pancharevo Half Marathon will support the idea for infrastructure, and that means marking routes for running in Sofia Parks.

Why alleys?

Every runner needs to be confident of their abilities. The easiest way to do it is to follow a clear route and distance. Not every beginner has a smartphone with a running app or GPS watch. If they know their distance, that will build confidence and ability to follow a program that will lead to better results.

That’s why we think it is important to have non-obtrusive route marks in Sofia parks that people will use and to know what distances they run, and in the long term to create social runs in groups or even organise events.

What is our plan:

  1. Raise money with donations, and the club to donate their “profit” to the cause. (Just a reminder that as a non-profit in public interest, we’re cannot have “profit”, just income that we should spend for running.
  2. To connect with architects or people that understand more than us with construction or marks. Currently we’re working with Transformatori.net crew
  3. Create a project for the municipality that builds a unobtrusive and eco-conscious tracks for running
  4. Coordinate the project with Sofia Municipality and all directions that require approval
  5. Complete it
  6. Invite you to a run on the routes
  7. Support the route with the income from future events

Your donation in participation of Pancharevo Half Marathon is not obligatory, but we believe is good for everyone..