Thanks to all of you racing together! It was a great event and we all enjoyed our day in the sun.

Here are preliminary results:


What you should know:

  • If we listed your race number and time and haven’t caught your name, please email us.
  • If you can’t find yourself listed, you may have not worn your race number on your chest. Please send us your time.
  • If you’ve ran with a number that does not match your distance or you’ve changed your distance during the race, you might be displaced in another column.
  • If you have registered on the race day, you might not be present in the list above. Please send us your time.
  • If you find an error, please contact us at, we’ll correct it.

Any errors in time are due to the large amount of runners appearing on race day. Next time we’ll make registration preliminary and electronic, so we can avoid race number errors and participants appearing in the last minutes.