Release of Responsibility

By registering yourself or the persons whom you represent by law (hereinafter “the Participant”) for participation in an Event organized by Begach Running Club you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Participation in the Event is voluntary. It holds the potential danger of serious injuries, traumas, disability or death caused by, but not limited to, falling down on or off the field and/or the tracks, random objects (fallen, placed or thrown) on the track, equipment, clothing, personal physical state of the Participant, meteorological conditions, etc.
  2. The participants and/or his/her legal guardians shall be solely responsible for the actions of the Participant in the course of the Event.
  3. The Participant is physically healthy, has passed all necessary medical examinations and meets the conditions for participation in the Event and by participating in the Event the Participant does not breach medical instruction.
  4. The Participant and/or third parties (including parents, guardians, successors) shall not engage in factual or legal actions aimed at seeking compensations from the organisers and/or sponsors of the Event for damages suffered by the Participant during or after the Event, including, but not limited to, bodily injury, traumas, disability or death as a result of the Participant’s participation in the Event.
  5. In case of bodily injury, traumas or other complications that arise in the course of the Event, the Participant shall use ordinary medical services such as Emergency Care whereas the Participant or his/her parents/guardians shall pay the expenses for the medical aid received, if any, and I shall not seek a compensation of such expenses by the organisers and/or the sponsors of the Event.
  6. The Participant and his/her parents/guardians understand that the Event shall take place at a location with free access for citizens and motor vehicles and the Participant shall respect traffic regulations, public order and cleanliness in the park.
  7. In the course of the Event, Begach Running Club shall have the right to take pictures, make audio and video recordings and create all other Materials (hereinafter “the Materials”) which comprise the image and/or the voice of the Participant, as well as use the Materials in any manner including by granting third parties the right to use the Materials.
  8. The participant agrees that in some cases they won’t receive the size of the t-shirts or the presents they’ve opted for on events where those are provided.


What’s required to join a race?

You must be at least 16 years old, complete a registration and agree to these terms.


Can I change the distance that I’m running?

No. Registering to one distance cannot be changed during the process prior to race.

Team members cannot be changed (in team and relay races).


Can you refund my participation, as I’m unable to join?

We can’t. As in concerts, every sports event is tied with expenses that cannot be restored to us if you don’t participate.


Can I register on spot?

No. Our races are often visited by more than 500 people, which makes it impossible to give out packages or register on spot.


My company wants to join a race, what should I do? 

That’s great! Just drop us a line at with info how many people would join and invoice information. We have eased up the process for companies registering where we will issue you a promo code and an invoice for registration. You can share the code with colleagues and they’ll skip the payment part and register themselves easily.


Can I give my race number to someone else?

No. Every registration is connected with your name, age, sex and rank. The bib numbers are sent to a timing company with your data. If another person races instead of you, their time will be present in the rankings with your name. That isn’t the truth and we want to avoid that. We often draw prizes from our sponsors using the race numbers, so it won’t be fair if a name that is not present on spot wins the prize.


Can I get my stuff immediately prior to the race? 

It takes about 2 minutes to register a participant and if we’re to register 500+ participants before the start, that wouldn’t be possible. That’s why we have a registration day or days prior to the race where we will give you your stuff. The pure logistics of moving start packages from one place to another takes a lot of effort, and we want to focus on the race.


Can I pay in cash?

No, we do not accept cash.


Why the packages are on spot X?

We’re trying to offer the best available spot with plenty of space to collect your items. Usually it is our sponsor’s store or office with a chance to visit the store and get extra items from the sponsor.


Can I run with my son/daughter, he/she is 5–16 years old?

There are risks in every race, risks are higher with children. We can’t stop you but you shouldn’t leave your child unattended on the race course.


Can I bring/run with my dog, he’s very nice and won’t be any trouble?

No. People are afraid of dogs there could be a leash that might make someone stumble or interfere with their best results.


What are the requirements for participating in Business Run? 

All participants must have working contract with the company whose team they participate in. The organizers have the right to disqualify any team whose runners aren’t working in the company that enrolled them in the team.


Payment procedure

The sites on are made for information and registering for sports events, some of which require payment.

The events on this site are organised by Begach Running Club. Begach is a registered NGO in public service in Company Deed No 79/2012 from 13.02.2012 in Sofia Court, part.: 19170, volume 392, р.V, page 150 and in the Ministry of Justice with number 20120322014. We’re registered in Bulgarian athletic federation as sports club since 2012.

Begach is registered as a business account in online payment service.

If youre using Epay for payments, you should know that all transactions are are in Bulgarian Leva. If any transaction (or your card) is in another currency, it is exchanged to BGN (leva) by the official exchange rate.