If we have to wrap up what happened on 1000km Balkan charity challenge, the events are emotional and quite a lot, so that’s why we decided to do it presentation style:

  • More than 16 000 euro collected for charity for Bulgarian and Romanian causes
  • 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge got one of the 10 prizes for CSR project in Romania
  • 636 km of biking (160km avg per day) and 412 km of running (59km per day on avg)
  • The funds raised for chartiy are 43% more than last year and 30% more as number of donations and those numbers will grow till the end of the campaign. Bulgarian donations are 22% of all and have 23% YoY growth
  • During their trip, the marathoners have planted 10 trees – ginko bloba and meta sequoia
  • Charity accounts will be open till the end of November on 1000kmbalkan.com

See you next year 🙂